Welcome to the Palek Studio and Gallery.  Want to know what we do?

Well... we offer a one-of-a-kind Art gallery, mainly containing the owner's artwork, but we do also display other artists' work as well. Why are we one-of-a-kind?  We feel that we're in a unique location, in the up and coming
East Village area of Des Moines, Iowa and there are truly not a lot of other Airbrush artists (Shawn Palek) who own their own gallery.  There's always a surprise to the eyes when entering our gallery. You never know what will be hanging on the wall next?!  Visit us, and visit us often as things are always changing. 

In our spare time, we also run a varied assortment of art events through the gallery, such as social painting fun, crafty classes, and themed art shows for anyone to partake in.

We even rent our floor space for business meetings, and private parties/weddings.  

Watch our IPTV Video on Paint Parties here: